SILC Academic Courses Available to Exchange Students Undergraduate program:
Year 1
English Language Studies
Other fundamental courses
Year 2
Course Code          Subject Name                        Credit Points
Autumn semester (from early September to late November)
ACAD103                           Academic Literacy I                                             4
BCOM 101                         Business Communication I                                    4
ACCG203                           Accounting for Business                                       4
STAT203                           Business Statistics                                               4
FIN102                              Introduction to Financial Management                   4
Winter semester (from early December to early March)
ACAD203                           Academic Literacy II                                            4
BCOM 102                         Business Communication II                                  4
ECON301                           Microeconomics                                       5
FIN305                              Financial Markets & Business Finance                    4
MKT305                             Principles of Marketing                                         4
Spring semester (from mid-March to mid-June)
ACCG305                           Accounting for Business Decisions                         5
ECON401                           Macroeconomics                                                  4
MGT203                            Management and Organizations                            4
Note: these subjects are taught by local faculty in English and most of subjects are offered every semester
Year 3
Course Code          Subject Name                        Credit Points
Autumn semester (from early September to late November)
15195024                        Management Skills*                                         4
15195004                        International Management*                                  4
15195013                        Human Resource Management*                        4
15195021                        Organization Structure & Change*                     4
15195051                          International Marketing*                                      4
15195061                          International Banking Management *       4
15195062                          International Financial Management*                    4
Winter semester   (from early December to early March)
15195020                        Management Consulting*                                  4
15195025                        Global Strategic Management*                                4
15195023                        Sustainable Enterprise*                         4
15195019                        Innovation & Small Venture Management*          4
15195052                          International Promotion and Advertising*                    4
15195063                          International Risk Management and Insurance*             4
15195064                          Financial Valuation and Strategy*                 4
15573122                          International Business Negotiations                      4
15176025                          Project Management                                 4
Spring semester  (from mid-March to mid-June)
1557A006                         Business Internship                             8
15575127                          International Settlements                        4
15575028                          Business Letter Writing and Foreign Trade Documents 4
15573123                          Overview on International Transportation             4
15575026                          International Taxation                                4
15196033                          Management Decisions                           4
15196034                          Knowledge Management                          4
15195031                          Corp. Governance                               4
15196032                          Supply Chain Management                         4
Year 4
Course Code          Subject Name                         Credit Points
Autumn semester (from early September to late November)
15575123                 International Trade Practical A                      4
15575327                 China-Foreign Trade Principle                       4
15575029                 Foreign Trade Operation Platform                     4
15196036                 Public Sector Management                       4
15196035                 Procurement & Supply Management                  4
15176089                 Electronic Commerce                               4
Continually study major courses but most of them are taught in Chinese.
Thesis in Chinese or English
Business Internship
♦Exchange students from USTL can select several courses among 11 major courses which are all delivered in English, based on their own study plan. Normally international exchange students select 3 or 4 major courses.
♦The English program focuses more in the third year of the undergraduate program. Therefore, it would be best if program candidates from our partner university start to submit their applications second year into their undergraduate study.
♦Exchange period lasts for two or three semesters, starting from autumn semester each year.
♦In spring semester, International students can engaged in internships in any city of China.
The courses marked by* are given by professors or lecturers from the University of Technology, Sydney.
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