Television Special of SHU-UTS SILC Business School, Shot by Shanghai Education Television Station

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On Feb. 27th, the column of Enrollment and Employment from Shanghai Education Television Station visited the SHU-UTS SILC Business School on Jiading Campus of Shanghai University, and made a television special of SILC. Recently, this column plans to film a series of television specials of four universities and colleges in Shanghai, SILC included, which all boasts for their fruit achievements and distinct characteristics of high education.

It is a great tradition that SILC always provides the best education, and attracts students and faculty from all over the world. And SILC boasts for its high-level internationalization of courses in the school running.
The column directors first go to Room 301 of Wenhui Building, in which Dr. Wu Maoguo is giving lectures on Macro-economics. He is a young teacher who can speak very fluent English, and do very well in his specialized field. Although his students in this classroom are from different areas of the world with different colors of skin, they are all enjoying the lecture and nothing can prevent them from acquiring knowledge.
The second stop of the column directors is the UTS Study Center and the Language Classroom. In the UTS Study Center, Prof. Sarath, Director of UTS Business Programs (Shanghai), is counseling students in their study. In the Language Classroom, Kann, one of SILC foreign teachers, is also coaching students in their homework. The directors interview two students there.
The third stop is the English class. The small size of English classes is also one of the highlights of SILC education. In Room 410, Wenda Building, Jason, an English foreign teacher of SILC, is teaching English in Class.
The business specialized laboratories of SILC is another highlight. The directors go to see the Sand Table Simulation Laboratory of the Department of Finance and Accounting, and the Enterprise Simulation Laboratory of the Department of Business Administration. They also interview several students and a teacher from the Department of Business Administration. The teacher, Gao Junjun introduce the key points, methods and achievements of the department’s talent training.
Then the directors interview Prof. Shuai Ping, SILC Star Teacher of Entrepreneurship, who is focusing on the entrepreneurship training mode, and is very energetic and inspiring.
Last but not least, the directors interview Prof. Lv Kangjuan, Deputy Dean of SILC, who briefs on the history, development and characteristics of SILC. She hopes that by the television special, more people can get to know SILC so that more excellent students will be encouraged to apply for SILC.
The film shot by the column directors will be made into a television special and broadcasted in the “Enrollment and Employment” column of Shanghai Education Television Station in March.

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