SILC Students Achieve Great Success in 2017 MCM/ICM

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On April 7th, the results of the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling & Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling were announced. SILC students won 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes and 2 Successful Participation Prizes. It is the first time that a SILC team won the First Prize in ICM. The team is consisted of 3 students, Kangyan ZHAO, Yufeng LU and Lifeng WANG, and a mentor, Ms. Yanhong SUN from the Department of Information Engineering of SILC.

As an authoritative international event in mathematical modeling field, Mathematical Contest in Modeling & Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, United States and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. There are mainly two forms of contest: MCM and ICM. ICM displays not only the basic capacity in mathematical modeling, but also the ability in handling interdisciplinary problems. Since 1985, the Mathematical Contest in Modeling & Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling has been already held 29 times successfully. Every year, there are many outstanding students from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beijing University, Qinghua University and so on who join in the contest.

From January 20th to 24th, under the instruction of Ms. Yanhong SUN, Kangyan ZHAO and Lifeng WANG from 2013 Business Administration major and Yufeng LU from 2013 Information Management and Information System major finally chose Question E “Evaluation Model of City smart growth”. In the process of modeling, solution and paper writing, they work closely together, overcoming pressure and difficulty, and finally built an evaluation system. It showed the 3 students’ rich professional knowledge, and strong capabilities in modeling, quick learning and English paper writing.

The 3 students also had clear division of work and well-organized planning in the contest. Lifeng WANG took charge of question selection and thinking rearrangement. He built the core model based on the question requirement and collected data according to constraint condition and parametric hypothesis. Yufeng LU was in charge of solution method for model and sensitivity analysis. Kangyan ZHAO was responsible for paper frame construction and writing. They also encountered some obstacles in the contest. However, they stood up the intense pressure and succeeded with strong sense of responsibility, positive attitude and the spirit of cooperation. Ultimately, the team stood out from the contest.

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