SILC Dream House Team Won Third Prize in Student Day Activities of the Third Global Grand Challenges Summit Competition

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UTC+8 time on July 21standlocal time on July 20th afternoon, all seats in the lecture hall of the University of Washington are occupied. Attendees are waiting for there sults of the third Global Grand Challenges Summit Competition to be announced soon. It turns out that the Dream House team, composed of six students from SHU-UTS SILC Business School and School of Material Science & Engineering, Shanghai University ranked third in all participating universities and ranked first in all the Chinese universities in the competition! This team is also the only winning team from China.

The Global Challenge Summit, co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), focuses on 14 major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century to discuss response programs. The "Student Day" is one of its important components. The Chinese Academy of Engineering, the United States and Britain selected five undergraduate students team as each country’s representatives for the competition. Each team needs to decide their own project ideas and develop business plans to prepare for the contest defense. Last year in December, Shanghai University received the invitation from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, with Peking University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, and Hong Kong University Science & Technology, which participate in this year's event on behalf of China.

The leadership of SHU has given the Dream House team strong support. Prof. Jin Donghan, President of SHU and Prof. Xu Xu, Vice President of SHU attended the preparation briefing meeting before the departure of the team. President Jin spoke highly of the Dream House team and gave them great encouragement. The flag of SHU was handed solemnly with messages to all the team members offering best wishes for achieving great success in the Student Day activities in Washington, D.C.

The leadership of SHU-UTS SILC Business School also attaches great attention to this event.Prof. Li Shuang, Party Secretary of SILC, Prof. LvKangjuan, Deputy Dean of SILC, Wei Jingfen, Deputy Party Secretary of SILC, Associate Prof. Fang Hui, Associate Dean of SILC, are all very concerned about the preparations and arrange professional teachers for guidance. Gu Haiyue, a senior lecturer at the English department who has extensive experience in international competitions, is responsible for the training of the competition. The training includes modification with PPT used for presentation and video scripting, language standardization, and English-speaking skills improving. Foreign teachers, Kaan, Anthony and Jason, are also responsible for on-site training and conduct language review of all competition documents submitted. Shuai Ping, Associate Professor of Business Administration Department, directs the team’s business models. While actively preparing for the competition, SILC also pays high attention to the logistical support of the competition. Yan Lina, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Sui Ning, Secretary of the Student Union, help to recommend and select excellent students and coordinate related students' courses. ZengXiaolin, staff of the SILC Alumni Association, actively contacts alumni enterprise, General Experiment Company to provide strong support during the preparation of the competition. General Experimental company not only provides full sponsorship of the competition, but also allows six members of the team to enter the enterprise as internship to get familiar with the business model.

On July 17th morning, Dream House team embarks from Pudong airport with Teacher Gu personally leading them. The team arrived in Washington on July 17th morning local time. After that, they even did not take any rest and rushed directly to the competition site for rehearsals. On the morning of July 18th, the competition officially began. The Dream House team using "Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Control of Building Materials" as the theme, through interdisciplinary cooperation to carry out research projects and explore the market application, develops a new functional glass that can automatically control indoor temperature in both summer and winter: is mart. Two members from SILC, Wang Lifeng and Ji Chunyu, use business knowledge in product design, marketing strategy and financial forecast. Wang Lifeng, who was a keynote speaker, wins the unanimous approval of the jury composed of Academy of Engineering academicians and the technical director of the sponsors company with his fluent English and clear logic.

The success of the Dream House team is by no means accidental. SILC has always attached great importance to the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of students, with "international application" business talents as the training target, and actively encourages and supports outstanding students to participate in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. SILC in recent years has won a lot of honors: in 2016 Third Prize in “ChuangQingChun” National College Entrepreneurship Competition, Silver Award in "Shanghai Lingang Cup" Shanghai Entrepreneurship Contest, and First Prize in Japan Furao Design Contest. In 2017, students from SILC also won First Prize in the American Mathematical Modeling Contest, Special Prize in the National College Business Elite Challenge Competition, First Prize in the National College Market investigation and Analysis Contest, Second Prize in the Ninth China JianFeng ShiKe Business Simulation Final Contest, gold medal in TFC Final Contest in Asia Pacific region and a number of awards both at home and abroad. SILC also established an entrepreneurship education center, where teachers can guide and incubate students' innovative and entrepreneurial projects, and which made great progress.

"Pursuit of excellence" as a valuable mission, has been deeply printed in the hearts of every SILCer. “If you do it, you have to do your best and pursue the acme!” This is the reason why the SILCers continue to achieve excellent results, as well as the motivation and source for all the SILCers to make progress and strive for it. Diligence will be awarded and every brave man will prevail! Excellent job, all SILCers!

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