Summary of Ongoing National Social Science Fund (NSSF), National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF) and Ministry of Education Projects


    Name Project Approval Agency Project Title
    Gong Siyi   An Empirical Study on the Balanced Development Of Regional Education in China—from the Perspective of Space Measurement
    Gao Jie   Development of Network Media and Reform of Enterprise Marketing Strategy
      NNSF Research on the Strategic Mechanism of Corporate Social Responsibility in Transition Period
    Shuai Ping   Research on Government Dynamic Policy System based on the Evolution Mechanism of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Chen Yuegang NNSF Research on the Industrial Spatial Layout Of The New Urbanization Process in China
    Chen Yuegang HSSF of the Ministry of Education Expansion Research on CP Model—Illustrated by the Industrial Aggregation and Dispersion Effect in the Central Cand Surrounding area (P) of Shanghai
    Wu Jun NSSF Study on the Suppression of Commodity Speculation Based on the Livelihood Burden Measurement
      NNSF Research on the Method and Mechanism of Environmental Efficiency Evaluation from the Perspective of Limited Rational Behavior
    Bian Yiwen HSSF of the Ministry of Education Study on the DEA Method of Environmental Efficiency Assessment based on The Limited Rational Behaviors of Decision Makers
    Chen Juan NNSF Study on Multi-Objective Compatible Optimization Control Method for Signal Control in Urban Over-saturated Road Network
    Luo Yan HSSF of the Ministry of Education Research on User Interest Model and Personalized Recommendation Service for Social Networking Service
    Huo Weiwei NNSF Creativity and Creative Implementation: Research on the Tracking and Quasi Experimental Intervention based on the Whole Process of Innovation
    Huo Weiwei HSSF of the Ministry of Education Research on the Formation Mechanism, Effect and Intervention of the Knowledge Domain of Scientific Research Team in Local Cultural Context
    Mu Lifeng NNSF Theories and Methods for the Selection and Modularized Design of Reliable Software Components
    Jiang Aiping NNSF Predictive Study on the Discontinuous Demand of Power Industry with limited Demand Information
    Jia Lijun   Calculation of the Comparative Advantage of China's Foreign Trade against the Background of International Intra-product Specialization: Method Improvement, Empirical Measurement and Policy Implications




    Details can be seen in appendix Table 2-5:SILC faculty Awarded in 2010-2015
    1, Three Pujiang Talent awards. Prof. Lu Kangjuan, Jing Nan, and Cai Yuanyuan won Pujia Talent awards and have received over 200,000 Yuan funding for several Shanghai municipal-level projects.
    2, Two Jiading Leading Talent awards
    3, Two Bao Steel Excellent Teacher awards
    4, One Cai Guansen Excellent Teacher award
    5, One Zhejiang Province One Thousand Talent award