Information Management and Service Science (IMSS) of SILC Business, Shanghai University, concentrates on examining management and economic issues in China's practice. Based upon the advantages of service industry, electronic business and city management of Yangtze River Delta, by utilizing Internet platform and data driven, IMSS aims to conduct researches on service management & business model innovation, service operations management, regional economic and management and related decision issues. Related products can be used to support management and decisions of real practice.

    IMSS is a multi-discipline research center integrating IT technology, data science, system science, management science and economics. Researches mainly include Service Operations Management, Electronic Business Operations Management, Performance evaluation & Optimization and Resource & Environmental Management. The center currently holds 1 professor, 2 associated professors and 5 lecturers. Several members have been funded by Shanghai Pujiang program, Shanghai Chenguang program, and Jiading Young Leaders program, etc. Most members received the “excellent young teachers” honor at Shanghai University. IMSS has undertaken 20 research projects including 10 grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 3 grants of all English teaching model course from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. IMSS has published over 60 articles in international and domestic core journals including IEEE Transactions, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Operations Research, Omega, Annals of Operations Research, Computers & Operations Research, Journal of Productivity Analysis and Energy Policy. Currently, IMSS holds 15 postgraduates including 3 Ph.D candidates.