SHU—SUCG Research Center of Building Industrialization is jointly organized by Shanghai University and Shanghai Urban Construction Group Corporation on January 11, 2012. RCBI focused on the building information technology, hoping to promote construction industrialization through information technology. The vision of RCBI is to to be an explorer in BIM and data analysis technology, to be a life-cycle solution provider on construction industry and to be a practitioner on opening research platform and personnel training. The mission of RCBI contains knowledge innovation, talent culture, technology inventions and social services.

    SHU-SUCG RCBI shows characteristic of interdisciplinary in urban public infrastructure information management. The teachers and researchers comes from different school, such as SILC, Mechanical Automation, Civil Engineering and Computer Science. The enrolled students contain undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. Besides, some supervisors and senior experts come from the construction industry and construction software industry. The research direction is surrounding the urban public infrastructure information management and decision, including anomaly detection, spatial-temporal data analysis and Business Intelligence modelling and so on.

    In the last 3 years, we have received a total of 42 patents and software copyright, published 18 papers and lay down 7 national or Shanghai criterion, and complete 4 provincial and ministerial projects and business issues, access to 2 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, and 4 international and domestic competition awards . At present our research production are used in the field of rail transit, municipal construction and housing construction.

    RCBI builds connections to several industry alliances such as Shanghai BIM technological innovation alliance, Shanghai Urban tunnel transportation BIM technological alliance, Shanghai Architecture Information Industrialization technological innovation strategy alliance. Besides, RCBI also have many strategic partners which are the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, such as Formula, Tekla, Building Smart, Nemetschek, Dassault System, Autodesk, Shanghai Metro, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. and so on.

    Besides, RCBI also advanced the research facilities, including virtual reality lab, internet of things lab, and Autodesk innovation center etc. Based on the facilities above, RCBI already provides several core engineering project applications such as shield control center, life cycle management platform of rail transit prefabricated components, infrastructure operation and maintenance visualization decisions platform.