The Student Affairs Office aims to develop students’ practical skills. In particular, the office provides support for student internship and employment through its career development center. Student counselors maintain relationships with alumni and coordinate alumni donation activities with the Alumni Office. 


    Name Contact
    Ms. Yan Lina(Director) 69980028-71101;
    Mr. Wu Minglong(Deputy Director) 69980028-72012;
    Ms. Yin Chunyan(Manager) 69980028-74011;
    Ms. Xu Xian(Manager) 69980028-75012;
    Ms. Zeng Xiaolin(Manager) 69980028-71061;
    Ms. Zheng Huijing 69980028-75012 ;
    Ms. Li Ling 69980028-72011 ;
    Mr. Sui Ning 69980028-73012 ;
    Ms. Tang Ling 69980028-74012 ;
    Ms. Xia Yao 69980028-71061;
    Ms. Yang Liping 69980490;



    A research secretary is appointed to assist the associate dean (research) with academic construction and an academic development plan, organize academic lectures and seminars, disseminate SHU’s research policies, and coordinate applications for projects and funding.


    Name Contact
    Ms. Wang Shaofei(Manager) 69980028-93261;
    Mr. Liu Bei 69980028-93261;