The Marketing and Development Office is committed to promoting and maintaining the School’s brand in order to recruit better students. One of its tasks is to explore opportunities in the training market.


    Name Contact
    Mr. Tan Kun(Director) 69980028-65042;
    Ms.Tong Xiaoping(Deputy Director) 69980028-65022;
    Ms. Zhang Hui(Manager) 69980028-63042;
    Ms. Qiu Jianwei(Manager) 69980028-65041;
    Ms. Ke Jia 69980028-63041;
    Ms. Liu Xiaozhuo 69980028-64022;
    Mr. He Cheng 69980028-64021;
    Ms. Wei Pingcheng 69980028-65021;
    Ms. Luo Yang 69980028-64041;
    Ms. Li Mei 69980028-64042;
    Ms. Zhu Honghui 69980028-66022;
    Ms. Dai Wenjun 69980028-64041;
    Ms. Mao Jie 69980028-66022;



    The Technical Support Office contributes to building an international campus by maintaining and improving the network, facilities, and classrooms.

    Name Contact
    Mr. Gao Liping(Director) 69980028-81045;
    Mr. Li Li(Manager) 69980028-81042;
    Mr. Wu Xiaolong 69980028-81044;
    Mr. Tao Wei 69980028-81041;
    Ms. Dai Meijin 69980028-81043;