MOE approved UTS programs: Bachelor of Business (BBus)

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MOE approved UTS programs

Bachelor of Business (BBus) is a four-year course that offers students a sound background in all areas of business through common core subjects, in addition to in-depth knowledge in one or more chosen areas of interest. This course provides a basic understanding of important aspects of business with a choice of majors.
The first part (48 credit points) comprises the Insearch Diploma of Business. This part is equivalent to the core or the first year of the UTS Bachelor of Business.

The second part (48 credit points) comprises a choice of two majors that are delivered by UTS at Shanghai University: the Management major and the International Business major.

The third part (48 credit points) comprises  non-specified elective subjects taught by Shanghai University. These electives are drawn from a range of degree-level subjects offered in English by Shanghai University.


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